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He is all man and has a man dick for sure!!!



Kevin M. Scott

Is he a porn star.? Or is he just a normal fella.?




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He is like so damn sexy I wanna see what that 3rd leg look like .👀


God bless America.  Or wherever the fuck this shit was made.  Fans of interracial black-on-white gangbangs will be MOST pleased after watching this shit right here.  This shit, which could by many accounts be considered borderline bi (i.e. amazing).  You know how I love finding vids where black men push boundaries, since it seems to be so rare.  Watch the finger proximity @ 10:05.  Double blowjob @ 12:00.  And can we talk about 12:50 please?!  Such a hot double BJ, not to mention the incidental touching.

Pay close attention to the 13:38 mark.  See this guy holding back his buddy’s leg!?!?  Didn’t expect that shit!  A bunch of hot spit roasting follows.  At 22:22 you’ll see a hot cowgirl DP.  And don’t miss the submissionary position @ 28:53.  The DP that starts at 29:50 is just perfection.  OH!  And the one at 32:20.  Love the position at 34:30.  This little white chick is eating black man ass at 40:55. 

Holy fuck @ the lucky hand action at 44:17.  Goddamn!  Dual fingerbang @ 44:47.  Cum happens at 56:08 and then the guy gives her a CUM KISS!  Is this real life!?!?!  It’s an all-out cum fest after that.  Enjoy!

Link for mobile.

Yayyyy!!! You posted the vid I suggested!

Zamn…that’s a daddy right there!

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